Debate: Our Valleys, Our Future: Delivery Plan

We note the publication of The “Our Valleys, Our Future: Delivery Plan” and share the key priorities identified by the Ministerial Taskforce for the South Wales Valleys.

However, I also move amendment 1, noting with regret:

Opposition Debate on Universal Credit

Universal credit is designed to help people into work, support people who need help or cannot work and it replaces a system which discouraged people from working more than 16 hours a week – and saw nearly 1.5 million people trapped on out of work benefits for nearly a decade.

Draft Budget Debate 2018-19

As the January 2009 Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) publication ‘The public finances under Labour’ stated: “ Labour entered the current crisis with one of the largest structural budget deficits in the industrial world and a bigger debt than most OECD countries, having done less to reduce debt

Tackling Substance Misuse Debate


I move Amendment 2, which regrets that the 2017 annual report for the Welsh Government’s 10-year substance misuse strategy, 'Working Together to Reduce Harm', shows that there has been an increase in both alcohol-related and drug-related deaths in Wales.