Social Prescribing Debate

Social Prescribing is a core element of the co-production revolution and the fact that the Welsh Government has tabled this debate show that we have come a long way since I first led an Assembly Debate on Co-production, to a lukewarm response.

Opposition Debate on NHS Staff Recruitment

We support this motion’s call for “for the development of a medical school in Bangor as part of an all-Wales approach to increasing training, recruitment and retention of doctors in Wales”.


As the Royal College of Physicians states:

Headway Event

Prynhawn Da/Good afternoon and thank you to Headway for inviting me, as Chair of the Assembly’s Cross Party Group on Neurological Conditions, to sponsor their first National Assembly for Wales event.


Welsh Conservative Debate on the Welsh Economy

On leaving UK Government in 2010, Labour bequeathed an economy on the brink of collapse, with the highest budget deficit in peace time UK history – but Conservatives delivered the fastest growing G7 economy in 2016.

Individual Members Debate on Police Devolution

As this motion states, specialist policing matters such as counter-terrorism are best co-ordinated at a UK level.

However, its call for the devolution of policing for Wales defies reality.

Policing is a devolved matter in Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Welsh Conservative Local Government Debate

Strength – based development is about helping people in communities identify the strengths they already have, in order to tackle the root problems preventing them from reaching their potential.

CLIC Sargent Event

Prynhawn Da a Croeso - Good Afternoon and welcome - and thank you to Clic Sargent for inviting me to sponsor today’s event on the issues impacting children and young people with cancer in Wales.


The Implications for Wales of leaving the European Union

Last Wednesday, the Prime Minister formally notifying the European Council “of the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the European Union”.

As her letter began, the decision of the people of the United Kingdom to leave the EU: